Invisalign has been suggested to patients for decades. At the start, it was not accepted but after seeing the results, patients with misalignment of teeth or other issues go for Invisalign braces. There are also certain disadvantages in Invisalign like invisible treatment. As the trays are detachable, the patient can clean their teeth and eat whatever they wish without any problems. If you are thinking about how it works, you have to fix a consultation with Sheridan Dental Centre. We have explained the Invisalign treatment procedure and more here in this blog.

1. Fix an appointment with your orthodontist: Do you want to get Invisalign braces? If you are interested, you should check whether it is ideal for you. It is an advanced treatment option. It does not work for entire orthodontic problems. Apart from clinical considerations, it is also important to evaluate the patient’s willingness and ability to maintain the trays for about 24 hours per day.

The patient’s families or the patient has to do cost comparisons and check on insurance protections. It is always recommended to obtain Invisalign treatment from a leading orthodontist. Do not approach a dentist for this treatment. Most dentists are providing Invisalign treatment in recent years but they do not have the specialization and training that orthodontics possess. Due to this, their treatment outcomes are not good.

2. Orthodontist develops a clear treatment plan: After sharing your requirement, the orthodontist will take photographs, impressions, and x-rays of your teeth. The records will be transferred to the Invisalign firm along with the details of how the teeth are planned to move. The technicians input entire data into a system to develop a 3D model of the teeth. The computer model will help in deciding how the teeth should be shifted to the right positions. It is possible to see how they work from the orthodontist’s office. Once the orthodontist feels satisfied with the output, the trays are ordered and delivered.

3. Wait for the aligners: It takes about a week or month for the orthodontists to receive the trays.

4. Wear the aligners: Once it is ready, the patient will be called and requested to visit the office. Remember, not all aligners are the same. Each is different and is designed to fit in a particular order. Each aligner has to be utilized for around two weeks.

The patient will be given new aligners to bring the teeth into a straighter and straighter position as the treatment develops. If you want to brush your teeth or eat, you can remove the aligner. During the treatment procedure, you have to keep wearing most of the hours. If you do not wear constantly, it is hard to see teeth movement. It will not happen as per the plan. When you put the next set of aligners, it will not fit exactly.

5. Get a perfect smile: After you wear the last tray for about two weeks, your treatment gets completed. The orthodontist checks the teeth movement and contact if you need additional refinement treatment.